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Smarter Home

The future lies in your hands: With our products and smart home systems you are always up to date.

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The whole is more than a sum

High-quality design made in Germany - this is what characterizes our products and solutions. Here you will learn our design philosophy..

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Let us inspire you

Ideas for your Smart Home

Discover the diversity of the Smart Home world. Here you will find applications that make your home safer or more comfortable. From door communication to light and temperature control.

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Professional included

Smarter, because the solutions come from the profi

With us you will find the right partner for the electrical installation in your house.

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Solutions for safety

Your smart gatekeeper

Our Smart Home Door Communication offers you safe and versatile indoor and outdoor solutions for access to your living area.

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NEW: ABB-Welcome® IP, outdoor station

IP based door communication
ABB-Welcome is the highly functional island solution for single buildings, Busch-Welcome® IP the continental solution.

NEW: Busch-Smoke alarm detector ProfessionalLINE

A safe decision
Smoke alarms from Busch-Jaeger detect every smoke development in time and sound a loud alarm.